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 Attention: Wholesalers and Retailers

National Internet Sales

BBQ Avenue LLC has partnered with to offer internet sales and shipping to Wholesalers and Retailers in the USA. HacSauce is our only product available for purchase, currently. We hope to have more options available for purchase later this year. Please check us out.

 Individual Purchases
Individuals wanting to purchase HacSauce may do so by using PayPal or Venmo accounts, for payments. Send an email to with your information; how many bottles or cases you desire (minimum purchase $53.94 - 6 bottles at $8.99), whether you will use PayPal or Venmo and the shipping address you want the package sent to. We will send the information back to you to make the payment. After we receive the payment in PayPal or Venmo, we will have the package of HacSauce sent to your shipping address provided earlier. Thank you for your support.

BBQ Avenue LLC

Welcomes You

HacSauce Final Logo.jpeg
White Washed Wood

 From my humble beginnings of learning to barbeque over an  open pit in our backyard in Saluda, SC, in the 1960's until  today's production of my great new sauce, I'm honored to  make HacSauce available to your family.   


 BBQ Avenue LLC is very excited to welcome three Piggly Wiggly Stores to the  HacSauce team in 2024:  Greenwood, S.C., Ninety Six, S.C. and
Ware Shoals, S.C.
. Welcome to our team.

We are also very excited to welcome
The Ole Edgefield Butcher Shop in Edgefield, S.C. and Mike's Produce in Newberry, S. C.. Welcome to our team. We look forward to working with you.
We look forward to meeting new customers as well as our loyal regular customers.  Please pick up a few bottles of HacSauce and give us a try. You will find that HacSauce has many uses and is very diverse in the types of food it can be used with. As many of our customers say, " It is delicious."


Grills and pits are being cleaned and prepped for another season of grilling in 2024. HacSauce will be a great compliment to your grilling favorites.


There will be some significant changes to HacSauce later in 2024 or early 2025. We are looking forward to seeing what our changes will bring to the HacSauce brand.

Please give us a try, if you haven't already. You can find locations that are currently selling HacSauce below. We have 14 locations in the Upstate, 18 locations in the Midlands and 1 location in the Coastal area. We hope you will make HacSauce a huge part of your meals.

                                                                              Thank you,


HacSauce Attributes
Taste buds will be bursting with flavors
Blended with mustard, tomato and vinegar bases
Gluten Free
40 Calories /2 Tbsp
Multi-purpose Sauce
BBQ Sauce
NOT a hot sauce
HacSauce is now available in the following locations:
 In the Upstate of South Carolina
 Greenville, S.C.
Stock and Barrel
Stock & Barrel
Seneca, S.C.
Buddy's Market
Seneca, S.C.
Palmetto's Smokehouse &
Oyster Bar

Clemson, S. C.
Image 2.jpeg
 Chattooga Belle  Farm
Long Cre
ek, S.C.
Pendleton Farms, Abbeville, SC.webp
Pendleton Farms
Abbeville S.C. 
PF Butchery
& Market 
Pendleton, S.C.
 Woodruff Road 
Greenville, S.C.
Wilson Processing.jpeg
 Wilson Processing  Co. 
Richland, S.C.
the pig.png
Piggly Wiggly
Ware Shoals, S.C.
the pig.png
Piggly Wiggly
Ninety Six, S.C.
the pig.png
Piggly Wiggly
Greenwood, S.C.
Easley, S.C.
The Pantry Shoppe Greenwood, SC.jpeg
 The Pantry Shoppe
Greenwood, S.C.
 Greenville, S.C.


Ace Hardware Store
Moore, S.C.
Hometown Market
Clemson, S.C.
 In the Midlands of South Carolina
Crouch's Hardware
Crouch Hardware
Saluda, S.C.
Johnston, S.C.
Ridge Spring, S.C.
Randall's Produce
Batesburg, S.C.
Sara's Trenton, SC
Sara's Fresh Market
Trenton, S.C.
Four Oaks Farm
Lexington, S.C.
Ridge Spring, S.C.
  General Supply Co./NAPA
Saluda, S.C.
Ridge Parts and Supply
Johnston, S.C. 
The Hair Strand 
Saluda, S.C.
Saluda, S.C.
Sara's Aiken SC
Sara's Fresh Market
Aiken, S.C.
 Sylvan Farm
Saluda, S.C.
Edgefield, S.C.
Severts State Farmers Market
Severt & Sons Produce
West Columbia, S.C.
EL Mexicano Supermarket
Saluda, S.C.
Big Man's Marina and Cafe
(Lake Murray)
Leeseville, S.C.
Mike's Produce

Newberry, S.C.
 In the Lower State of South Carolina
Royall Sweetgrass Hardware/Sweetgrass Mercantile:
3008 N. Hwy 17  Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Now Featuring HacSauce

Big D's
House of BBQ

 West Union, S.C.
Image 1.jpeg
The Triangle Restaurant
Johnston, S.C.
  5021 Pelham Road
Greenville, S.C.  
 The Story of HacSauce:
HacSauce Final Logo.jpeg

My story begins in the back yard of my parent’s home. Many years ago, my dad and uncle built a 4’x10’ barbecue pit in our back yard. The barbecue pit was made of cinder blocks. Many family gatherings were held around this barbecue pit and thus began my love for all things barbecue! 


As I evolved into my middle age years, I started taking an interest in preparing my own barbecue sauce. Over many years I experimented with different recipes, and in my early sixties, I began to zero in on the recipe I liked the most. My choice came down to a sauce that is a mixture of mustard, ketchup and vinegar, which I made for family and friends. As more people tried it, I increasingly received more requests for it and they began telling me I needed to bottle and sell this sauce. 


My wife and I lived in our home town of Saluda for the first 62 years of our lives. At this time, we moved about two and a half hours away from our home town to Seneca, SC. As I made barbecue sauce for various cookouts in our new location, I heard the same thing from them…market this sauce!  Now I had people in two different locations telling me the same thing. That, along with a big push from my son, Ryan, I began my journey to form a small business to license and sell HacSauce. A very good friend who has worked most of his career in the food industry, became my mentor. He agreed that this was a viable choice and his encouragement and knowledge of the process made him a valuable asset. He introduced me to two Professors in the Food and Nutrition Department at Clemson University. They also have been very supportive as they helped me navigate through the procedure of starting a small business and marketing my product. The journey began of forming a company to sell my sauce. The company’s name is BBQ Avenue LLC. Our product name is HacSauce. We give thanks to God for putting together this network of people and preparing the way to make this company become a reality. 


The name HacSauce came from the nickname, Hac, that I was given by my brother in law. A couple of friends I worked with in prior years began calling it HacSauce! It was a name that I liked, and I told them if I ever sell the product it would be called HacSauce!


HacSauce is made with several unique, high quality products that make it a healthier option.  It is Gluten Free. We hope you enjoy HacSauce as much as our friends and family. 


Thank you for reading the story of HacSauce. I hope you will give our product a try and it will please your taste buds as much as it has so many others. Now, it is time for you to ring the dinner bell and give HacSauce a taste-test for yourself. 

R. Hascal Goff

BBQ Avenue LLC, Owner/Partner

Developer of HacSauce

Pictures of how HacSauce is being used by some of our friends.

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